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Friday, December 21, 2012

"Caught in the Rain" - Shankar Tucker ft. Rohan Kymal

It was not long ago when I chanced upon O Re Piya/Rolling In The Deep by Shankar Tucker ft. Rohan Kymal.Absolutely loved it! And now "Caught In The Rain".
image courtesy shankartucker.bandcamp.com

Such a mellifluous number that once it ends you can't do without listening it 'just once more'

I love Shankar Tucker's compositions..They are rich, mellow and soothing.

As for Rohan Kymal.His pronunciation is a bit off when it comes to Hindi but with a melodious voice like that, who's complaining?!

Hope you guys like it!

You can download the audio at http://vibedeck.com/theshrutibox/caught-in-the-rain
Contact me for the mp3

To visit the "Shruti Box", Shankar Tucker's YouTube playlist, click here 

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